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Struggle gives the meaning of life.

Why Struggle?

Life is nothing but some total of days,hours and years.It is full of anxieties and troubles.The total life pass through some odds.These odds are the sources of life.Everything is changing very fast.To cope up with the changes we have to work hard.Nothing is simple in life.To remove from the complexities of life struggle is the main tool.The world is full of wonders.To discover these wonders we have to pass through a perilous journey.In this journey we have to face a lot of obstacles.We are accustomed to see everything very simply but it does not help us to go a long way.The nature is full of natural resources.These natural resources should be extracted with great struggle.To make life immortal struggle is a must.We have promised to the almighty to do something great.To fulfill this vow we have no option but struggle.

How to Struggle?

Nature is mysterious.It is very beautiful to look at.If we enter into a forest,its beauty will bound us to observe it.No doubt the forest and its natural settings attract us.But if we waste our time by observing the beauty then our promised work will lad behind.To materialize our dream we have to set out for work.Only then we will be able to reach our desired destination.Here we can recite the famous lines of the great poet Robert Frost:
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
How realistic the poet is!He is indeed a lover of nature but he can not wait because he will have to fulfill the promises.In these we also have to go ahead and struggle hard to make ourselves immortal.

Md.Rezaul karim.